what we do


{privatescope} has developed a "Specification Controlled Data Processing" technology called SPICE.

As opposed to concepts that require time-consuming and cost-intensive resources, such as programmatically loading and processing data from multiple data sources, SPICE disburdens customers from these confinements.

SPICE always cuts to the chase.

Heterogeneous data is handled in a unified and scalable way.

The data specification detects constraint violations, structural chan­ges or security issues of incoming data, which can then be resolved by a simple SPICE reconfiguration.


We do not offer any products.

We offer you much more.

{privatescope} has developed SPICE. Now you can easily compose the data provisioning or processing product that exactly fits your needs.

Any structured data in any data source such as

  • databases or file systems,
  • open data sources,
  • network services,
  • enterprise service busses,
  • network or cloud storages, and
  • sensors or telemetric input.

can be handled with our native technology.

The processing will be fast, secure, scalable, adaptable, extensible and future-proof.


We suggest you consider SPICE when you need to

  • transform manual tasks into automated services;
  • analyze and optimize data streams;
  • secure data flows so they comply to data privacy regulations;
  • migrate from one data storage to another;
  • filter, transform, aggregate, compress, encrypt or categorize data on-the-fly, in real-time;
  • unify heterogeneous data processing; and
  • avoid resource-intensive tasks.

With focus on GDPR, we offer services for

  • finance, banking, insurances;
  • telecommunications;
  • public sector and health care;
  • transportation, automotive; and
  • IoT-enabled industries.